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Many magnetic shielding problems are optimally solved by using a combination of alloys depending on your application. In between each layer it recommend that there is an air gap so there is no metal to metal contact. Spacing material maybe used as well in multi layer magnetic shields. When using spacers please remember to use material that is non conductive such as wood or glass epoxy.

For optimum magnetic shielding characteristics, the magnetic shields will need to be heat treated after all fabrications processes have been completed, such as welding, bending, rolling and machining operations.

These time-saving High and Low Permeability magnetic shielding foils offer convenient, economical magnetic shielding. In many applications, their use can eliminate the cost of designing and manufacturing prefabricated magnetic shields. Magnetic shielding foil is also useful in hard-to-get at places. In addition, it permits more compact assemblies accomplished by placing magnetically reacting components closer together with no performance degradation.

These magnetic shielding foils exhibit useful ductility, so are readily hand trimmed to your desired outline on an ordinary cutting board, or with shears. They are then easily hand formed around the structure or component to be magnetically shielded. Simple adhesive tape can be used to hold them in place. AD-MU-80 foil material has already been properly heat treated so they are ready for immediate use.

Ad-Mu-80 Magnetic Shielding Sheet Material. Equivalent to mu metal and meets ASTM A 753.

Adhesive Backed Foil
AD-MU high and low permeability magnetic shielding foils can be furnished with a double faced pressure sensitive adhesive backing. The adhesive bonds to glass tubes, instruments or other components being shielding. This option can be added to any length, width or thickness of AD-MU foil.

Ad-Mu-80 Magnetic Shielding Sheet Material. Equivalent to mu metal and meets ASTM A 753.

Note: Custom slit widths are available per customer specification.

Note: Smaller sheet sizes or coil sizes are available per customer specification.

AD-MU Bar stock is offered in a round bar and square bar form. Custom sizes are available at a special run price. Contact Ad-Vance Magnetics for details.

Note: Other sizes maybe available at a special run price.

For the convenience of those desiring to design and manufacture prefabricated magnetic shields in-house, AD-MU magnetic shielding sheet stock material is readily available and easy to work with. It may be formed by bending stamping, drawing etc. on ordinary sheet metal working equipment. AD-MU magnetic shielding material can be finished by plating or MIL spec painting. AD-MU-80 and AD-MU-48 magnetic shielding materials meet ASTM A-753 and is equivalent to MIL-N-14411c which is no obsolete.

How to Choose the Correct Alloy for Your Application
For Low Permeability magnetic shielding requirements, use AD-MU-00. For Medium Permeability magnetic shielding requirements, use AD-MU-48 and for High Permeability magnetic shielding requirements, use AD-MU-80. AD-MU-80 is recommended for uniformity of residual fields on sensitive applications.

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