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Custom Fabricated Magnetic shields prior to heat treating. AD-MU-80 B-H Curve | AD-MU Hysteresis Loops | AD-MU MSDS | Shield Design Note: Permeability values can vary depending on various annealing  cycles and whether annealed in a commercial or laboratory furnace. * Unannealed State

AD-MU Magnetic Shielding Alloys will not saturate when properly used.

AD-MU Magnetic Shielding Alloys protect permanently.

No excessive loss of permeability from shock.

Relatively stable permeability characteristics are exhibited after final anneal.

Minimal retentivity is displayed by AD-MU Magnetic Shielding Alloys for any alloy of a given permeability.

AD-MU Magnetic Shielding Alloys are compliant with EU-Rohs directive 2002/95/EC and are certified with full compliance with DFARS clause 252.255-7014 (Alt 1) and the REACH program.

AD-MU-80 & AD-MU-48 meet material specification ASTM A 753-08. AD-MU-80 and AD-MU-48 are equivalent to MIL-N-14411c Comp.1 & 2 which is now obsolete.

Ad-Mu Specifications

Typical Electrical Characteristics

Typical Physical Properties

Typical Mechanical Properties