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AKA: Cryoperm, Cryo-Perm, Cryo-Perm 10

Cryoperm 10 is a specialized magnetic shielding material designed for low temperature magnetic shielding applications in a liquid helium (4.2°K) or liquid nitrogen (77°K) environment. The shielding material retains its optimal shielding performance at these low temperatures after a special annealing process is performed.

What applications is Cryoperm 10 used in?
Typical applications that Cryoperm 10 magnetic shielding material is used on is, Cryomodules, SQUIDS, DEWARS, Cryostats & SRF Cavities.

Cryoperm 10 Material Availability.
Ad-Vance Magnetics keeps inventory of Cryoperm 10 in .040” thick Sheets. Standard sheet sizes are 12”-13.5” x 118” in length. The Cryoperm 10 material can also be provided in coil form and other thicknesses are available, but will require a mill run to produce.

Fabricating from Cryoperm 10.
Cryoperm 10 magnetic shielding material cuts & forms like any of our other magnetic shielding materials. Cryogenic magnetic shields can be cylinders, end caps, boxes and other configurations just like room temperature shielding alloys (Ad-Mu-80). After the fabrication processes are complete the Cryoperm 10 magnetic shield will undergo a special annealing procedure so that the material will have its optimal magnetic shielding characteristics in a low temperature environment.

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