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P.O. Box 69, 625 Monroe Street, Rochester, IN 46975

Precision Sheet Metal Fabricator and World Leader In Magnetic Shielding

Leading magnetic shielding specialists and custom sheet metal fabricator.

Ad-Vance Magnetics has supplied a variety of custom fabricated products over the years. Our experience and expertise will make Ad-Vance Magnetics your one stop job shop from simple components to complete assemblies and ranging from prototype parts to full productions runs. No quantity is to small or big for us so Contact Ad-Vance today and see what we can do for you!

Ad-Vance Magnetics continues to improve as the world’s leading magnetic shielding provider and custom sheet metal fabricator. We are proud to announce that we have been ISO 9001:2008 re-certified. Our ISO Certificate is available to be downloaded for your convenience.

Ad-Vance Magnetics offers an Engineering Kit that includes two samples of AD-MU-80 magnetic shielding alloy that is four feet in and length and one sample of AD-MU-00 that is four feet in length. Ad-Vance Magnetics is offering this Engineering Kit as a online order special at a special reduced price.  .

Magnetic Shielding Engineering Kit

Engineering Kit includes:
     four (4) feet of AD-MU-80 .004” Thick x 15” Wide    
  four (4) feet of AD-MU-80 .006” Thick x  4” Wide  
 four (4) feet of AD-MU-00 .004” Thick x 15” Wide

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AD-MU Magnetic Shielding Alloys

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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Fabricated Magnetic Shields

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Custom and Stock PMT Shields

Ad-Vance Magnetics offers:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Engineering Kit



“We are committed to on time delivery, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and supplying quality products.”

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