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Laser Cutting

Metal Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting system is ideal for cutting metal out to your desired part and blank sizes and has many outstanding features designed to maximize productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability. Setup time with the laser cutting machine is effectively reduced to zero by innovative software functions.

The laser resonator is rated with an output of 1500 watts (2000 watts optional) in super pulse mode. We can provide stable cutting conditions on most materials up to .250” thick or thicker depending on the material. Our laser cutting system has highly accurate processing made possible by mechanical parts built to micron tolerances, which allows up to hold tight tolerances on parts. Tolerances are typically +/- .005”, but a tolerance of +/- .002” can be achieved depending on the application. Contact us today for a no obligation Free Quote.

Laser Cut Materials

The materials listed below are examples of materials we have laser cut with before, ranging in thickness of .002” up to .250” thick or thicker depending on the material. If you do not see the material you require listed here, please contact us directly and see if we can meet your needs. Due to the reflective nature of some materials such as brass and copper we recommend a photo chemical etching process on these materials instead.

Lasered Sheet Metal Parts