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Magnetic Isolation Chambers / Zero Gauss Chambers

Magnetic Isolation Chambers (MIC) or Zero Gauss Chambers are designed to provide a low level magnetic field environment wherein magnetically sensitive devices may be placed to observe their characteristics while relatively unaffected by external magnetic fields.

Some of the typical applications for MIC’s or Zero Gauss Chambers are in research and development (Universities & National Laboratories) and Industrial applications for production testing of flux sensitive components or devices. An example consists of magnetometer probes generally operating on a saturation or reluctance principle or any other devices capable of sensing magnetic field perturbations as well as other sensors operating on magnetic principles. The Magnetic Isolation Chamber or Zergo Gauss Chamber may also be used with a magnetometer for detecting ferro-magnetic contamination, many times found in non-ferrous or non magnetic alloys.

Construction consists of a series of concentrically positioned magnetic shielding cylinders. One end of each cylinder is closed and removable covers are used at the open ends. Holes through the covers permit manual access to components under study or testing. The attainable attenuation is enhanced by non-magnetic spacing between cylinders. Magnetic isolation requirements are the sole determining factor as to the number of concentric shield systems and types of Ad-Mu magnetic shielding materials used. The entire assembly is mounted horizontally by two aluminum U-channel structures attached to the outermost shield. Possible table marring is eliminated by plastic mounting feet. A design option is available to incorporate a degaussing coil system

The Ad-Mu magnetic shielding material used, is selected to meet the user’s application. For the magnetic shield layers generally Ad-Mu-80 is selected. If the magnetic field environment is abnormally great, the outer magnetic shield may be of a medium permeability alloy such as Ad-Mu-48. In extreme cases, the outer magnetic shielding could be constructed from Ad-Mu-00.

All seams of the magnetic shields are TIG welded. After fabrication, the permeable characteristics of the magnetic shielding materials is optimized by a proprietary annealing cycle. After assembly, the outer most shield magnetic shield and cover can be finished with a black or gray paint for a cosmetic appearance. We recommend if the outer layer is made from Ad-Mu-00 that it be painted.

The magnetic shield performance can be enhanced by orienting the shield’s axis parallel to the earth’s plane and then ratating the assembly through 360 degrees to find the minimum field. Fields not exceeding 100 gamma can be readily attained. By proper degaussing of the inner shield structure, a 10 gamma level can be realized. Fields as low as 2 gammas have been attain under favorable environments. Please keep in mind that each application is different from the next and results may vary.

Dimensional drawings of the Magnetic Isolation Chamber / Zero Gauss Chamber are available upon request. Please feel free to mark up the drawing as you see fit for you application. It is typically no problem to specific dimensional requirements.

Large Magnetic Isolation Chamber / Zero Gauss Chamber Large Magnetic Isolation Chamber / Zero Gauss Chamber